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Haii.. im 28 years old.. from Indonesia in medan city. I have an accident in 2012.. its cause a bowl hot palm oil  was spilled and all of my body got flushed that hot palm oil.. thats all make a scars.. and keloid.. i was do the lader..plastic surgery and with the cream..as long as i try to repair this scar even i do the injection kelokod and the nurse give an injection to this keloid in my chinned and my cheek..under my noise and my lips.. i was do this injection one last year..start in august 2015.. until this time.. i see there is so many differents and thats keloid seen fading.  But i want..thats keloid is a must..removing from my face.. and there isnt the former black skin on my face again..i need you're opinion for solution this problem..my scars..keloid.. and the black skin in some part in my face.. specially in the chinned and my cheek.. and under my noise..between my lips...can you're helping me..to give one solution for me.. please help me.. thanks before.  ^__^

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